Unlock Your Personal Power and Become Who You Want To Be
| September 12, 2023

Unlock Your Personal Power Using The Self-Conscious, Unconscious, and Superconscious Fields

You are so much more than a body. You are a consciousness with the power to create, you just have to understand how to unlock your personal power!

You are an energetic charge that vibrates at a certain frequency in a unified field of information. You are a part of the universe (one song) “looking back” at itself, experiencing a certain perspective or viewpoint. You are the field, and you are an individual perspective; you are both. I cover this in chapter 2 of my book You’re Not Broken.

While you are part of the all-encompassing one mind, you are also distinctly unique. Your unique perspective was initially crafted as an aspect of you, which subsequently formulated a set of instructions. These instructions dictate how you experience and perceive the world around you. If you find yourself dissatisfied with your current reality, you possess the power to rewrite those instructions and embark on a transformative journey.

With my work in Magnetic Mind, I have found many fields of information to be important; however, when it comes to understanding who we are and unlocking our personal power, there are three classifications of energy that help us to achieve this. 

The Three Classifications

These three classifications are your: Self-Conscious, Unconscious, and Superconscious fields. You may use different names, but here is how I classify the three:

  1. The Self-Conscious (or Ego): This aspect defines itself through thought, identity, physical form, and a finite lifetime. Its ultimate goal is to lead the best possible life, driven by personal desires and ambitions.
  2. The Unconscious (or Subconscious): In stark contrast, the Unconscious operates through emotions, creating subconscious programs that govern our behaviors and runs the body through automation. Its primary objective is to maintain the system’s functionality, often adhering to established patterns, even if they cause discomfort to the Self-Conscious.
  3. The Superconscious: Unlike the Self-Conscious and Unconscious, the Superconscious defines itself solely as a code of information. It possesses boundless knowledge but lacks the capacity for thought or emotion. Its primary aim is to be actively involved in the creative process.

The Unconscious holds a pivotal role in our decision-making processes, with its primary goal being the preservation of our existence. When our Unconscious is not aligned with our conscious desires, it can be a source of frustration. However, it’s essential to recognize that the Unconscious operates based on preprogrammed information supplied by the Superconscious.

Picture your life as a grand ship navigating the vast sea of existence. The Self-Conscious serves as the captain, issuing commands and setting the course. The Unconscious acts as the dedicated crew, tirelessly executing tasks, ensuring the ship’s functionality, and continuously improving it. However, the Unconscious can only utilize the resources and information made available by the Superconscious.

The Superconscious is akin to a treasure trove of limitless information, similar to the fabled Genie from Aladdin, capable of reshaping reality in the blink of an eye. When you establish a connection with your Superconscious, you gain the power to craft your life as you desire. You can chart your course to any destination, modify your tools and resources, or even transform the entire vessel. The Superconscious holds the key to unlocking your boundless potential.

Frequently, the captain (Self-Conscious) becomes frustrated when the crew (Unconscious) appears unresponsive or incapable of executing their directives. This tension arises when there is a misalignment between the captain’s desires and the crew’s capabilities. The solution lies in learning how to connect with your Superconscious, the source of limitless wisdom and potential.

Remarkably, the concept of a Superconscious memory extends beyond individual existence. Every organic entity, from plants to the Earth itself, possesses a Superconscious memory. This memory serves as an information code for each family, species, and society, guiding their collective behavior and evolution. The Superconscious acts as the invisible hand that shapes our experiences and choices.

Furthermore, the Superconscious serves as a connecting thread within specific structures. It explains why you witness the mesmerizing spectacle of fish and birds moving in perfect unison or migrating to the same location year after year. It elucidates how newborns of various species arrive in this world with preset fears and behaviors. The Superconscious also accounts for the simultaneous inspiration that strikes multiple individuals, resulting in groundbreaking inventions or creative bursts for geniuses.

The presence of the Superconscious is evident in the natural world, where it gives rise to recurring patterns like the Fibonacci Sequence and the Golden Ratio. However, it’s crucial to emphasize that the Superconscious is not a deity or a spiritual entity. Instead, it is a unique information memory field meticulously designed to guide each structure toward its fullest expression.

In the realm of creative development, understanding and harnessing the power of the Self-Conscious, Unconscious, and Superconscious fields is transformative. This journey transcends the boundaries of the physical body, allowing you to unlock your personal power. By doing so, you unlock the ability to chart your own course, reshape your reality, and tap into the boundless potential within you.

Embrace the power within, and let your journey of creative development and the Superconscious guide you to creating the things you truly want to create.

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