How To Overcome Self-Doubt
| January 15, 2024

How To Overcome Self-Doubt Once And For All

Have you ever doubted yourself the moment you wanted to create your dream life?
Have you ever wondered how to overcome self-doubt before trying something new? 

We’ve all been there. Whenever we imagine our dream life, we think “Can I do this? Can I bring this to reality?”
Even now, self-doubt plagues at least 85% of people across the globe. 

So today let’s talk about how we can overcome self-doubt so it can never stop you again from creating a life you love.

What is Self-Doubt?

Self-doubt is, basically, doubting yourself and your ability to achieve anything. 
It’s normal for most people to doubt themselves in most things, especially as we are starting a new task, subject, hobby, etc.

We’ve been conditioned by our parents, teachers, and other adults when we were kids to doubt ourselves, but we can overcome self-doubt. 

Allow Yourself To Fail and Learn

Here’s an unpopular opinion: Doubting yourself is childish. But you need to understand that everyone starts as a beginner, nobody starts out being an expert.

It’s interesting to see that 97% of people fail to reach their goals. It’s not because most people aren’t capable, but it’s because most people are afraid of failure.

Going through failure is the fastest way to learn something. Fail, then learn from your mistakes so you won’t fail next time.

Don’t Let Self-Doubt Become A Habit

The point where self-doubt becomes dangerous is when it becomes a habit.

When you doubt yourself in one area, you then doubt yourself in another area, and pretty soon you’re doubting yourself in all areas of your life.

I want you to know this –  You’re overthinking it. 

Yes, it’s normal but it’s something you MUST let go of if you want to be a Superconscious Creator and create the life you dream of.

5 Ways That Self-Doubt Holds You Back

Lack of Clarity

You ask yourself – “What do I really want?” Most of time, what you say to yourself isn’t what you really want.

You go around in circles, keep changing what you want, and because of that you’re creating a future something that doesn’t exist.


You keep putting off what actions you need to take right now. You always say “I’ll do it tomorrow” but years later that tomorrow never comes.

Lack of Commitment

You’re not fully committed to failing and learning. When you try something completely new, like a new business, a new relationship, or a new fitness routine, you’re not gonna get what you want immediately. You need to be committed to this learning loop until you produce the results that you want.

Erodes Your Self-Confidence

Related to the last point, when you don’t follow through with your goals in the gym, your business, or anything else, your self-doubt becomes worse.

Cycle of Failure

It becomes a never-ending cycle of doubting your way to a life full of misery. You keep failing and failing, and you wonder why you haven’t achieved any of your goals until now.

The Matthew Effect applies here, where the more you have, the more you will have, and the less you have, the less you will have.

Why Do We Doubt Ourselves?

So why do we doubt ourselves? Is this just another type of illogical fear?

There is an interesting quote that says: “Businesses fail but Entrepreneurs don’t fail.” This is because entrepreneurs fail and learn, then they try another business and they keep trying.

The first place where self-doubt comes from is External Comparisons. We keep comparing ourselves to other people, especially those who are better than us. We keep thinking “Why is it so easy for them but hard for me?”

We don’t actually know the full story because people only post their successes and highlights on social media. People rarely post their failures or struggles online.

The second place where self-doubt comes from is Lack of Courage. We never take the next step to achieve our dreams because we’re already afraid that we might fail if we try.

The third place is Losing Touch With Ourselves. We tend to forget who we are and what we want, but we still hold on to our past selves. Our past selves aren’t capable of what we want to achieve in the future.

The fourth place is the Inner Critic. We have this voice in our head where we are the worst critic of our own actions. This voice keeps us from growing and changing. 

When Logic Overrides Passion

People also use logic the wrong way. Logically you haven’t achieved your dream life yet, but that doesn’t mean that you have zero chances of achieving it in time.

Logic may be a sensible thing to think about it here, but what we don’t realize is that sometimes many things are illogical.

An example is your personality. If you’re a quiet kid, then logic says that you’ll be a quiet kid for all your life. But scientific data says that personalities can change over time so you can be a social butterfly even if you were a quiet kid during school.

Being logical can add to your self-doubt, but that doubt doesn’t have to stop you from taking action.

The Science Of Overthinking

There is an actual science when it comes to overthinking.

Our brain, our heart, and our gut all have decision-making roles, but most of us try to be so logical and cognitive that we try to figure it all out before even doing anything.

This is the surest path to being in an Oscillate Structure.

How Do You Overcome Self-Doubt Right Now?

Many people doubt themself before even attempting to take action and, in order to resolve this self-doubt problem, they choose a different action which only manages to steer them away from what they want.

Let’s discuss ways that actually do work in overcoming self-doubt:

The Power of Habit

We are what we repeatedly do. This alone can significantly reduce your self-doubt. Start building small good habits right now. If you want to become the person you want to be, start taking action even if you’re scared.

Start doing this in one area of your life, because how you do this will transfer to all other areas of your life.

The 5-Second Rule

I got this from Eat The Frog by Brian Tracy. Just do the hard thing first… count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 then go and do that thing no matter what, take action and trust your instincts.

Why We Do Recode

Here at Conscious Education, we help people let go of this self-doubt every day. This is why we have 6 Recode sessions every week. But the recode doesn’t fix everything.

The most important thing is to get yourself in the right Structure. The right structure helps you know what you want to create, where you are now, and what actions you need to take. That structure will create a future.

If you’re focused on your future, you’ll start becoming that person you want to be even right now. 

The main reason that people have self-doubt is because they are living in their past self, not their future self.

They let their past mistakes haunt them forever. Overcome this by taking action despite your doubts. Don’t let self-doubt have power over you. The moment you let self-doubt have power over you, you overthink and stay where you are right now.

Understand this – “Action will conquer all.”


What action do you need to take right now? List it down and do it.


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