How Do We Get What We Want In Life?
| December 18, 2023

How Do We Get What We Want?

There is a question that we have all asked ourselves more than once; how do we get what we want in life? And yes, this is a crude way of putting it… but we have all asked ourselves this question in one form or another. We’ve all wanted something in our lives that has seemed unattainable at the time! So how do we get what we want?

Problem Reality vs. Creative Reality

Many popular personal development methods believe that you’re broken and in need of fixing. This mindset lays the foundation for a problem-oriented approach to creating what you want, suggesting that success and happiness hinge on fixing your perceived flaws.
But what if this wasn’t true? What if… you didn’t need to fix yourself? Having this ‘fix your flaws’ focus only teaches our self-conscious, and unconscious minds that success is contingent upon fixing ourselves – creating a structure that is more limiting than the problems we seek to solve.

Focusing and living in a problem reality means we allow the issues we wish to eliminate, to dictate the course of our lives. Even if we successfully navigate these problems, there will always be another that we have to focus on before we can create what we want. The key lies in transitioning from problem-solving to a creative reality, where the focus is on what we want to create rather than what we seek to eliminate.

The Pitfalls of Fixating on Problems

When I was taught the precursor to the recode, it was unfortunately done in a way that had me focus on what was wrong with me. What I soon realized was that this method didn’t serve me, because I had to remove whatever was in the way before I could do anything. And let me tell you, there’s nothing worse than convincing yourself you can’t have what you want just being who you are because it’s not true. You’re not a mistake.

It seems that in our society, you’re not allowed to have normal emotions. You’re told you must feel good all the time. It’s kind of like that movie Pleasantville. But this is absurd. It’s not honoring the human journey. and it’s giving power to the idea that the pain is bigger than you.

Attempting to fix past traumas only hinders personal growth. Instead, these feelings serve as messages guiding us on an introspective journey to understand the root cause, allowing us to move forward authentically.

The Creative Process Unveiled

Creation ignores and works outside the limitations of problem-solving. It isn’t positive thinking, therapy, or self-esteem building, instead, it is positive being. I’m sure you’ve heard me say before “you need to BE IT to SEE IT”… this is the secret to getting what you want in life!  Instead of trying the fix your past, so you can feel okay about your present, you need to BE your future, and the recode process helps us to let go of resistance, and become that.

The Creative Process

Understanding how the creative process works is vital. The three key focuses – Personal Power, Living Your True Nature and Purpose, and Your Creative Process – provide a roadmap for aligning the self-conscious, unconscious, and superconscious minds. This alignment helps you to have an effective approach to creativity.

  1. Personal Power: This involves being the predominant creative force in your life and living the life you love. Lack of personal power correlates with frustration and self-sabotage, making it crucial for creating the life you desire.
  2. Living Your True Nature and Purpose: Recognizing your inherent creative essence and sharing your creations with others defines your true nature and purpose. This alignment contributes to a fulfilling and purpose-driven life.
  3. Your Creative Process: The five steps – Choose your end result, Get into the emotion of the end result, Create structural tension, Recode resistance, and Take action – outline the path from thoughts and ideas to tangible reality.

Contemplations for Transformation

  1. How can you shift from a problem-solving mode to a creative mindset?
  2. What roadblocks hinder your progress towards achieving your desires?
  3. What is your true nature and purpose as a creator?
  4. Have you ever strayed from your path, believing you needed to fix yourself first?
  5. How liberating is the realization that you can achieve your desires without changing who you are?


You can watch a short video on The Three Focuses of a Superconscious Creator 


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