Don’t Waste Your Life 
| February 12, 2024

Don’t Waste Your Life 

In recent years, the average lifespan of a human being is around 76.1 years. If we break that down for a moment, that equals around 27,776.5 days, 666,636 hours, 39,998,160 minutes, and 2,399,889,600 seconds. (SOURCE: LIFESPAN) Don’t waste your life… because when it’s broken down, you don’t have a lot there to waste.

Let that sink in for a moment. 

Everyone’s life is made up of days, hours, and minutes and most are wasting their most valuable asset without even realizing it.

Are you living a life you love? Or are you living a life that is simply wasting this gift of time that you have?  Every day I see people who aren’t living in their true nature and purpose and creating what they really want to create. 

Instead, they’re living a fabricated life created by their unconscious structures that are simply constructed to keep them the same because that keeps them safe.

Living In The Yesterdays

Many people are living in yesterday. They live with so much regret from past mistakes, allowing them to taint their current reality.

If this resonates with you… it’s possible to break free from this structure of regret and wanting to fix the things from the past. 

Take a moment to think about this; if you’re not loving your life, if you’re not choosing to live in a creative structure, then you’re wasting this big opportunity.

We’re waiting for the day that we feel we have fixed enough of our past to be able to create what we want in out future. 

But let me say this again: don’t waste your life! You’re not broken, so stop waiting and trying to fix things when the present moment is the perfect moment to start living a life you love. 

The Simple Life Plan

In my new book that I’m writing right now, the first chapter is a brilliant one about the “Simple Life Plan.”

In summary, it says “We’re a Conscious being for 85-100 years, we come into this reality to have a life, and in the end, what makes that life great for us is how we feel about it as we take our final breaths…”

So what is it that we enjoy doing? This is the secret to living a life that we LOVE.

Now, we break it down further; what are the things in life that allow us to feel that way?

Once we have that worked out, we then structure every day around the things that make us feel that way. Super simple!

Creating The Tomorrow That You Love

There is an epidemic of unhappy people who are on antidepressants, or drowning their feelings in emotion suppression behaviours. The reason they’re having this negative experience in life though is because they aren’t doing what they love or they’re waiting for something to change.

This causes them to live in a stuck or oscillating pattern that continuously causes the feeling of regret.

The secret to stepping out of regret and into a creative structure? You must step in the place of “Creating The Tomorrow That You Love.”

You might believe that ‘nobody knows what’s going to happen tomorrow’, that it’s uncertain. But successful people know this – you CREATE your future.

The future you’re in right now was created by your unconscious structures and decisions in the past.

So don’t waste your life by living in the past. It’s finished. Right now, the present moment is a moving river, you’re here right now and the past has fallen away.

What you can create is the future. You can decide.

  • You can decide to be financially free…
  • You can decide to have a purpose…
  • You can decide to structure your life the way you want…

This is the first step. Think about who you want to be. What does that person do every day? What is their financial position, health, relationships, and spiritual life?

Choose to be that… You can CREATE that person! Make that person the North Star of who you’re creating.

If You’re Not Moving, You’re Dying

If you’re not moving towards this person that you want to be, you’re dying.

You’re not living the life you want, you’re just dying a slow death. Many people aren’t living longer, they’re just dying longer.

How much of the 85-100 years are most people actually living?

For me, if you live even just 1 year of being a Superconscious Creator, doing what you love and moving after your dreams, it’s more than what most people do in their lifetime.

We must finally shift into this new paradigm. 

You Waste Your Life By Worrying

With new technology such as AI and Blockchain coming out, we’re gonna be facing new questions such as “What is a human being?” or “What is the purpose of a human being?” 

As these new changes come and millions of jobs get removed, people worry. We create worry consistently, but worrying doesn’t change the fact that it’s here.

You’re wasting too much time worrying. If you add up all the hours and minutes you spend worrying, you’ll be so surprised.

It’s somewhat understandable because when we worry, we feel like we’re doing something. But unfortunately, we’re just training ourselves to be worriers. Instead, focus on what you truly want to create!

Give 100% Every Single Time

When living from a creative structure, you learn to choose what you want, notice what you are, and then take action aligned with who you want to be or what you want to create.

If you understand that, then you’re gonna create this future that you want. Once you create this future, you’re not interested in living in the past.

Once you understand this new creative structure, the next step is to give 100% of your effort every single time.

So many of us don’t give 100%. We back out, we’re not all in, we’re not 100% present.

If you want to create your dream life, if you don’t want to waste your life, you MUST give 100%. 

All in, all the time.

You need to be a 100% future-focused maniac who’s on a mission every time. Living and breathing as a conscious creator. 

When you do that, you allow yourself to create a future where you’re not going to waste your life.

This time is a gift. For me, if I’m not giving 100%, I’m giving the gift away. The gift of being able to experience life, humanity, passion, and creation.

So if I’m going on a holiday, I focus on that holiday 100%. Whether I’m playing sports, working on my business, or spending time with my family, I’m giving them 100%.

Focus Only On What You Can Control

You cannot control what’s happening outside of you. You can’t control what other people think, do or believe, etc.

Focus on your realm of creation, instead of your circle of concern, which was popularized by Stephen Covey.

You’re concerned about so many things you can’t change but what you can control is your feelings, thoughts, actions, and behavior.


We pay so much attention to what’s happening around the world and the changes that keep happening.

But this thought will change everything for you…

You MUST focus only on what you can control, give 100%, not let worry waste your life, focus on creating the tomorrow you want, and let go of living in yesterday and living in regret. 

That past has already happened, it’s done. There’s nothing you can do about it. But if you keep choosing to dwell on it, then you’ll keep recreating it and then you’re creating a life you don’t want.

I want you to make a decision right now – to live like the past is over, to focus on what you’re creating, and to not waste another minute or second of this precious gift we call human life.

Let’s create the future we all want.



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