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The Superconscious Recode™ is a new revolutionary process and it’s helping people recode their brain in just minutes by removing their biggest inner blocks and stuck emotions.

After experiencing the incredible success we had through the Magnetic Mind Masterclass, Christopher Duncan, the founder of Magnetic Mind, made the decision to train others in the method so that more could experience the power of the Superconscious and the release that came from the Superconscious Recode™.

And this was when Magnetic Mind Certification was created.


Christopher M. Duncan,
Founder of Magnetic Mind


Magnetic Mind Method and How It Was Developed

The most important premise to keep in mind when learning the Magnetic Mind Method and the Superconscious Recode™ is that you’re not broken. You are a creator of everything in your reality… and through this premise, you can create the life you truly love.

Christopher Duncan, the creator of this method, spent years trying to fix himself. His goal was to figure out success and what it took to become successful, but life seemed to be sending him pain rather than the success he wanted.

Reading books, buying audios and going to seminars he was met with one conclusion: IF HE WANTED TO BE SUCCESSFUL HE NEEDED TO CHANGE – change his thoughts, feelings, actions, behaviours and habits. He needed to ‘fix’ himself… because according to the traditional personal development world – He was broken.

However, this belief – needing to fix yourself – is the number one reason we never create the life we love. You see, believing you need to fix yourself or be different in order to create what you love sends two different messages:

1 – that you want change and things to be different
2 – that you are not able to have what you want the way you are.

Fixing yourself makes you look backwards with a ‘reactive’ perspective rather than accepting and valuing yourself now and looking forward into the future to create something new – as you are, just because you can. The Magnetic Mind Certification guides you into this creative structure and then shows you how to help others do it.


Magnetic Mind Method
A Life-Changing Skill Set

The Magnetic Mind Certification provides you with a life-changing set of skills to be able to guide yourself and your clients into the creative structure that is changing lives around the world.

As a certified Magnetic Mind Coach, you will have the skill set to change lives with the security of other experienced coaches supporting you.

Though this method is relatively new, it is built on the shoulders of some of the most groundbreaking scientific advances of this century. It works by creating a connection with your superconscious genius and teaches your brain how to create new connections as well as release lifelong beliefs and trauma. This technology works because of the science of neuroplasticity that says your brain can change. It’s like a user manual for your mind. It’s now possible to take control of your mind and recode it in minutes.

Watch this video to see the brain rewiring itself!


magnetic mind certification

Become Fully Certified As A Magnetic Mind Coach

If you want to help others create a life they love and make great money, we have a full certification and business program that teaches you exactly how to do that.

In our Magnetic Mind Certification program, we will teach you the Superconscious Recode™ which is the revolutionary method that creates fast results. Plus you will learn over 20 other signature Magnetic Mind Core Processes. We will teach you how to work with groups, a full coaching system, over 100 lesson plans and meditations to create massive results for yourself and your clients!

This is a 12-month journey that is for you if you want to become certified.



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Magnetic Mind Certification

The Magnetic Mind Certification Training system combines our potent online university with live coaching, mentoring training and support to give you the best experience learning and implementing the Magnetic Mind methodology. You will be trained in the Magnetic Mind core processes including the Superconscious Recode. You will be able to join Chris and Hannah on weekly Q&A sessions to support you with your progress in the training. You will be able to join regular practice sessions to ensure you not only understand the theory but also the practicalities of doing the work with others.

You will have the opportunity to join weekly coaching calls to work on your own creations, observing our top coaches doing the work. You will be able to deeply immerse yourself in the work on our regular live 3-day events that you can attend from the comfort of your home. And we will give you access to our Superconscious Transformation program where you will receive ongoing additional training to consistently solidify your proficiency in performing the Superconscious Recode.

3-Day Live Event

Full Access

Live Practice Sessions

Get Certified



Magnetic Mind Masterclass

12 month access
  • NOver 30 Meditations
  • NOver 50 Recorded Recode Sessions
  • NFull Online University
  • N7 Live RECODE Sessions A Week
  • N1-Day Monthly Immersions

$9,995 VALUE

Weekly Coaching

12 month access
  • NLive Practice Sessions
  • NSelf-guided, practical demonstrations and live classrooms to suit all learning styles
  • NTraining sessions on a different topic each week
  • NMonthly Immersions
  • NWeekly Live Coaching calls with Chris, Hannah & our TOP trainers & speakers
  • NReferral agreement to start sharing this work immediately

$12,000 VALUE

3-Day Superconscious Transformation

virtual event
  • NIn 3 days you will learn everything you need to perform the Superconscious Recode ™ . There is a 5-hour live session each day (all online) with breakout sessions and time to work with other participants. You will learn:
  • Nhow to do the intro recode
  • Nhow to muscle test
  • Nhow to work 1/1 and in groups

$9,995 VALUE

Magnetic Mind Coach University

with over 13 sessions
  • NThis Online University is everything you need to know to become a results-producing transformational coach in easy step-by-step classes.

$6,000 VALUE

Get Certified

one of the first 1000
  • NAfter completing the test, you will be branded as one of the first 1000 Magnetic Mind Certified Coaches In The World.


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