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Chris Duncan

Chris Duncan is an Author, Entrepreneur, Coach, Investor, Husband and most importantly a Teacher.

He is the founder of the Conscious Education Company, the Magnetic Mind Method and wrote the books “You’re Not Broken” and “The Superconscious Path”. He was featured in the movie “We Rise Up” alongside Tony Robbins and the Dalai Lama. Chris is well sought after and renowned as a public speaker.

His genius is in consolidating the wisdom of neuroscience, alchemy and creation technology into a simple easy-to-use process that has impacted millions. He teaches this method through the Magnetic Mind programs.

It’s possible to overcome all your limitations and magically manifest everything you desire.

—christopher duncan

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Learn More About Chris

Chris Duncan’s life has two stories, before learning to be superconscious and after. It all changed in 2016.

In 2016 his life fell apart because his best friend, mentor and business partner was killed in a motorcycle accident. This tragedy left Chris in nearly a million dollars of debt and emotionally broken. However, it also led Chris down a path of coaches and mentors who all described a part of the mind that was above rational thought. They all called it the “Superconscious”.

For the next few years, this word seemed to chase him. One mentor taught Chris how to recode his grief, limiting thoughts and emotions, another taught intuition and another one taught how to create and manifest using this mind.

Combining all he had learned, Chris created magic. Within a few years, he had built and sold a company for millions and was turning over $20 million annually. He got married and moved to paradise.

In 2019 he decided to teach what he had learned. He ran a small group training and filmed it. This video was put on YouTube and demonstrated the Superconscious recode process. This video started a movement.

Over the next few years, Chris created multiple training programs that have been described as the most advanced consciousness training on the planet.

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