Develop Your Magnetic Mind And Become A Conscious Creator

Unlock your potential: Transform your life by overcoming inner barriers and embracing your desired reality with our groundbreaking process.

Create A Magnetic Mind and Create Success Without Struggle

If you are wanting to leave self self-sabotage behind and harness the full power of your mind this program is for you.

In our coaching programs, you will learn how to Use the Magnetic Mind Method To Recode Your Unconscious Limitations and Activate Your Superconscious.

This is the process that has helped millions of people around the world who were just like you, they were fed up with half-truths, overpromises and the ups and downs of the personal development world.

They were looking for the truth and wanted real results.

They learned how to let go of their unconscious wounds and step onto the superconscious path. They learned to activate their highest potential and harness the power of their magnetic mind. They created a new life structure and a new reality.

Now it’s your turn.

So, are you ready?

Ready for real, lasting change without all the hype?

Ready to understand exactly how to create and manifest amazing transformation in all areas of life?

Are you ready for results?

If yes, then Magnetic Mind is for you.

You can start off reading our book “You’re Not Broken” that has sold over 300,000 copies here

Or if you want to experience a session you can here.

If you are looking to get regular coaching or to become certified in this method you can as well.

Whether you join us now or later, its totally up to you, either way here is out message:

We would like you to know YOU ARE NOT BROKEN. You can create a new reality, you can be happy and you can do it all just the way you are. You just need a conscious education and learn how to be in full rapport with all that you are.

In truth, it is that the Personal Development World Is Broken… that world is focused on fixing, but there is nothing to fix, you are Superconscious!

Our revolutionary new process is the first of its kind. It will teach you how to tap into the power of neuroplasticity, epigenetics and autosuggestion to connect to the superconscious part of yourself and release everything and anything that was created in the past to keep us small.

We hope to see you in one of our programs.

Chris and the Conscious Education team

discover the true secret powers of the superconscious

Create a Magnetic Mind And Become Superconscious

If you are ready to learn how to manifest with precision, then you need to understand the superconscious creator code. This is exactly what you will learn in our best-selling book “You're Not Broken” Grab your book today!

magnetic mind certification

Become Fully Certified In The Magnetic Method

If you want to help others to create a life they love and make great money. We have a full certification and business program that teaches you exactly how to do that.

In our Magnetic Mind Certification program, we will teach you the Superconscious Recode which is the revolutionary method that creates fast results plus you will learn over 20 other signature Magnetic Mind Core Processes. We will teach you how to work with groups, a full coaching system, over 100 lesson plans and meditations to create massive results for yourself and your clients!

program offers

Training Programs You Can Join Today

This is for you if you want to understand all the foundation of the superconscious creator code. You will receive weekly live coaching sessions, monthly live training, and a full university. This is an online coaching program you can enroll in from anywhere in the world.

In this program, we teach you how to create a new identity in alignment with what you truly want in life, fast and without having to dig up the past.

It is your time to step into your true power and master the Superconscious transformation method. In our Superconscious Transformation program, we will teach you how to connect to the Superconscious to shift unconscious instructions. You’ll learn about the science of the field, how to connect to the field, and how to do the perform the Superconscious Recode.

Intuition is what the mind apprehends before rationalizing and it is what all successful creations understand. There are 9 ways we are all intuitive and everyone has a 6th sense, yet most leave this resource untapped.

In this program, you will learn how to become intuitive and move from self-conscious to superconscious awareness.

Creator is about turning your thoughts into reality. How to Invent your future and create a life you love. In this program, you will learn what the ancients knew about tuning into the invisible world and make it reality.

There is nothing you can not create once you understand the power of structure and tension.

Our full mastery program is a 12-month journey and involves three pillars. Intuition, Creator and Transformation

Private small group coaching for only the most committed creators.

This is for people who want to create the biggest choices possible and do not want to leave anything to chance.

Includes access to our full mastery curriculum.
Including the intuition, creator, transformation and certification.
Plus monthly live sessions with Chris
Plus one on one coaching with Chris
Application only

magnetic mind rapid recode

Discover How To Recode Your Inner Blocks And Create The Life You Desire.

The Personal Development World Is Broken… It is focused on fixing, the truth is there is nothing to fix, you must let go of the past and set your mind to what you are creating.

Our revolutionary new process is the first of its kind.

Let us show you how to tap into the power of neuroplasticity epigenetics and autosuggestion to connect to the superconscious part of an individual and release everything and anything that was created in the past to keep us small.

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